Nombres Indígenas

Indigenous Names

Misumalpan Lenguages in the past

In Hostal Ulap Yasica we have recovered a few names in Matagalpa Lenguage with the purpose of expose some of the indegenous roots of the area.

Matagalpa Lenguage

The Mataglapa Lenguage (extint) was the native language of the Matagalpa Indians, belonging to the Misumalpan languages (Miskito, Sumo and Matagalpa), which have a chibcha origin.

According to some historians Matagalpa means Main Head or Big Town, formed by the words Maika-Calpa identified as Head-Village. Another version of the meaning was described as "let's go where the rocks are" by the missionary priest William Kienne (1898-1959), who claimed that the word had sumo origin.

Ulap Yasica: "House on the road to Yasica"

The regions of Yasica Norte and Yasica Sur, located north-east of the municipality of San Ramón in Matagalpa, are part of the territories that were inhabited by indigenous communities belonging to the rebel town or ethnicity of Matagalpa, which managed to preserve their identity and culture many years after the arrival of the Spaniards.

The hostel vindicates the existence of the Matagalpas, highlights the region of Yasica and incorporates elements of their culture in the names of the rooms and other spaces, to divulge elements of the lenguage Matagalpa. Visits to Yasica Sur communities are also promoted, where predominates coffee cultivation and subsistence activities of small farmers.

Our rooms are also named with indigenous names, these are their meanings:

Aiko - Moon

Amiske Doysi - Mother Earth

Kuse - MountainIMG_9699 (Copy)

Lal - Sun

Li - Water

Soni - Snail

Yau - Deer

Yulo - Bird